Sony F65 Behing The Scenes “The Journey of the F65″

16 Apr
April 16, 2012  |  Sony Cameras, Sony F65

Ever since Sony announced the 8K sensor, true 4K output, Sony F65, I’ve been super excited to see what this camera was capable of. I have been so impressed by the footage coming out of the camera. This year at NAB, Sony will be releasing never before seen footage from the F65 and projected in a 4K theater. That must be so exciting to see, for the first time, what this camera is capable. Already being used for several Hollywood feature films, the F65 will be the future of Digital Cinematography and filmmaking. Check out this amazing BTS from Band Pro and Digital.

by Band Pro Film & Digital

Canon 5D mkIII Short Film

11 Apr
April 11, 2012  |  5D3, Canon, Canon 5D mkIII

Check out this really cool short film about, well, I’m not sure what’s it really about, but it looks beautiful. All shot with the Canon 5D mkIII. It’a amazing what you can do with just 3 people these days. This is why I love filmmaking using new technology. We live in some really cool times where with just a few friends, a DSLR, some gear and a laptop, you can create images like these.

Make sure to watch the behind the scenes footage below.

Video Details
Composed, Written, Edited, and Directed by Luke Neumann

Pete Dryden – Allan Hoffman
Marika Neumann – The Woman in Blue
Luke Neumann – Damien

Filmed on the Canon 5D Mark III
Nikkor Ai-s 50mm f 1.2 and 28mm f 2.8
Faithful Picture Style
24p All-I Codec
Fader ND Filter
5 in 1 Reflector Kit
Dynamic Perceptions Stage Zero Dolly
Juiced Link Box
Rode NTG-3

Edited in Premiere Pro CS5.5
Music by Luke Neumann using:
Pro Tools 8
East West Samples
Project Sam

by Luke Neumann

Is Canon Announcing a New Cinema EOS Camera?

Is Canon Announcing a New Cinema EOS Camera?

10 Apr
April 10, 2012  |  NAB, New Cameras

Rumors have surfaced that Canon might be releasing a higher end C300 like EOS Cinema camera. I’m assuming it will be a 4K version with PL mount of the C300. We shall see what happens in the next week or so. Stay tuned to Twolight Films for the latest information, gear, and news from NAB 2012. Pricing should be around 35-49k.

Asylum by Drew Geraci

09 Apr
April 9, 2012  |  Canon, Canon 5D mkII, Timelapse

I really thought this piece was spectacular, not only because of the great tracking timelapse shots, but for it’s content. Asylums always give me the creeps. I can’t imagine all the stuff that happens in those places. Check this out.

Video Details

Our Equipment:
x2 Canon 5D Mark 2
Canon 16-35mm F/2.8 II
Canon 24-105mm F/4
Canon 50mm F1.4
Dynamic Perception Stage Zero + Merlin Head

Produced in:
Adobe After Effects CS5.5
Adobe Light Room 3
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5

by Drew Geraci

Places in Time: Chicago – Timelapse with Canon 5D mkIIs

09 Apr
April 9, 2012  |  Canon 5D mkII, Timelapse

I usually don’t blog a lot on timelapses, but I do love them. Check out this beautiful piece on the city of Chicago.

by Chris Pritchard

Sony Professional: Introducing the Sony NEX-FS700

09 Apr
April 9, 2012  |  Sony Cameras

Here’s a lovely video from the new Sony FS700 S35mm HD camcorder. We all know how cool super slow motion is, and how expensive it is to achieve, but with this camera, at under $10,000, you can achieve 240 FPS at full 1080p! Check it out!

Details on the video

The first footage from Sony’s new NEX-FS700. The new Super 35mm model is designed for high-speed shooting and is capable of capturing footage at up to 960 frames per second. The camcorder also features a range of capabilities such as 3G HD-SDI output and built-in ND filters. Additionally, it also offers several creative options, shooting styles and enhanced ergonomics – all based on customer feedback – to deliver a flexible production tool that fits seamlessly into a variety of shooting applications.

Footage provided
by Sony Professional

C A M E O by David Anthony Parkinson

09 Apr
April 9, 2012  |  5D3, Canon, Canon 5D mkIII

Here’s a great short about an artist that has a dream and makes it a reality. Very cool concept, and love the slow motion shots.

Details on the shoot

“Shot on the Canon 5D mk3, Cameo is the story of what stirs in the mind of an artist. It’s the story of a man trying to create a picture, a piece of imagery trapped in his head that won’t easily surrender.”

Canon 35mm f/1.4 L
Canon 16-23mm f/2.8 L II
Canon 100mm f/2.8 L macro
Canon 24-105mm f/4.0 L
Pentax 50mm f/1.7

Cut with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5, Graded with Colorista, Compositing with After Effects CS5.5, Titles and particle sims Vfx with Autodesk Maya 2011

“DJ Ease My Mind” – Niki & The Dove (Jakwob Remix) – available to purchase on iTunes

by David Anthony Parkinso

Portrait of a boxer by Philip Bloom and Sony FS100

08 Apr
April 8, 2012  |  FS100, Sony Cameras

I first watched this piece on my Ipad and was blown away with the quality. I always know that Philip Bloom is going to deliver a stellar video, but I was very impressed by the video. I first looked closely and thought he might have used a RED Epic, of perhaps his Sony F3. But I was surely mistakened as he used the Sony FS100, and I said, WOW! We all know the FS100 delivers awesome high detail and high resolution video, but this camera has a look that rivals cameras costing $25,000 or more.

Philip Bloom

Sony FS700 Sample Footage – Super Slow Motion 240 FPS

06 Apr
April 6, 2012  |  4K

Sony keeps surprising us with their newest camcorders. The all new FS700 is going to be a game changer in my opinion, for it’s price and it’s ability to shoot super slow motion and it’s 4K 3G-SDI output. For as little as $8000, you’ll have a super 35mm 4K sensor rivaling RED in every way, and you don’t need a $700 storage card. It will record 240 FPS at full 1920×1080 at burst of 8 seconds, wow! If I could afford this camera, I would totally buy it and start shooting everything I could. I would not get a RED or Canon C300, I would get the Sony FS700.

Canon 5D mkIII vs Nikon D800 Video Footage and Test

05 Apr
April 5, 2012  |  5D3, Canon, Canon 5D mkIII, D800

This is a hilarious comparison video which I thought was brilliant! Definitely taking tests to another level, which I love. Check it out. The video clearly shows the 5D mkIII a hell of a lot better in low light and in ISO performance. The D800 looks to be a bit sharper, but with a post-sharpening effect, the 5D mkIII should be similar.

by Kevin Good

Basic Interview Lighting

04 Apr
April 4, 2012  |  Film Training, Tutorials

Here’s a great video tutorial on lighting an interview by the guys over at Stillmotion.

“There are so many different ways you can light an interview and while story is always important, interviews more than anything else often come with the constraints of time, space, and gear. traveling for A Game of Honor we had to be able to light an interview with whatever we could fit into one 70lb suitcase (which inspired a whole separate tutorial on what’s in that suitcase). if you’ve done your share of interviews, you’ll be all too familiar with showing up and having a room that would be a tight fit just to hold all of your gear, let alone setup and interview in it. with almost every interview we feel like we could use one more stinger, one more light, an extra five minutes to tweak the setup, or an extra 5′ feet to reposition the talent and camera. however, through working within these constraints we can learn to do much more with much less. half the tricks we know about lighting have all come from having to figure something out while on set, and having to do so quickly. the more we understand light, how it works and how we can work with it, the more we can make the most of whatever time, gear, and space we might find ourselves in.”

by stillmotion

W A L K – W I T H – M E – A Canon 5D mkIII Short Video

04 Apr
April 4, 2012  |  5D3, Canon, Canon 5D mkIII

Check out this beautiful piece by David Babendreyer all shot on the 5D mkIII. I really love the beautiful colors and the serene quality to it. Flawless slow motion and no moire! People are complaining about sharpness like on EOSHD, but really? Do you really care to have so much resolution when you can achieve footage like this? Man o man, you need 3 different camera systems to have sharpness, high resolution, extremely shallow depth of field, etc. This camera doesn’t exist, or if it does, it cost more than $3500. With the full frame sensor, you can’t achieve the look of the Canon 5D!

Details about the video
A Shortfilm i shot with the new Canon 5D Mark III last weekend, there was nothing more than the three of us that morning. It was a total free shooting, all Images accured when i saw them.
I tried to capture the relation between these 2 friends as nearby as i could without beeing cheesy.
It Was a great experience finally using the 5d mark 3 after shooting 2 1/2 Years with the mark 2.
Really got some features i was waiting for, more will be on my Blog soon.

Actor: Damian Rojkowski (Avzán) & Diana
Music: Tony Anderson ” Hold On”

Gear: Canon 5d mk 3, Zacuto rig, Redrock, Zeiss 21mm,50mm,85mm, canon 70-200,monopod.

by david babendreyer

Total Recall 2012 – A Remake of the 1990 hit

02 Apr
April 2, 2012  |  Movie Titles, Movies

How do you feel about remakes? I’m not exactly sure if I like them, but this one looks pretty interesting. I’m not a huge Colin Farrell fan, but I am a fan of Kate Beckinsale! It’s just that I’m not sure if Hollywood has any good ideas any more. I think either all the great writers went to TV or moved out of country and went to Bollywood. Total Recall is a great concept that allows for great adventure and storytelling, but it’s been told before. I would love to see some new and fresh ideas coming from Hollywood. Oh yeah, it was shot on a RED Epic at Redcode RAW 5K. More about the movie. As the nation states Euromerica and New Shanghai vie for supremacy, a factory worker (Farrell) begins to suspect that he’s a spy, though he is unaware which side of the fight he’s on.


  • Red Epic, Panavision C-, E- and G-Series Lenses
  • Film negative format (mm/video inches)
  • Redcode RAW (5K)

Cinematographic process

  • Digital Intermediate (master format) Panavision (anamorphic) (source format)
  • Printed film format 35 mm D-Cinem
  • Aspect ratio 2.35 : 1

James Miller – Optical Low-Pass Filter Removed from 5D Mark III – Increases Resolution

02 Apr
April 2, 2012  |  5D3, Canon, Canon 5D mkIII

Check out this really outstanding footage from the Canon 5D mkIII. James Miller, removed the low pass filter from the 5D3 and resulted in crazy new resolution increase. Obviously this removes the warranty from your camera, but this could result in increase resolution which everyone would love to have. Basically, it’s like modding your car’s engine to get more horsepower.

Cool Anamorphic Lens for Canon DSLR

02 Apr
April 2, 2012  |  Anamorphic, Gear, Lenses

Check out this really cool new product that will be announced at NAB this year. It’s an Anamorphic lens capable to displaying a really wide field of view, which could be really cool to show more details in your videos. I could imagine doing a really cool walk-through at a state fair, or a trip to the beach, or your kid’s Christmas play, imagine capturing the whole stage and not just a section. I am very interested in this product. Stay with us at Twolight Films for more news.

We will be blogging about a lot of cool new products from NAB 2012 to stay tuned!

Canon 5DMKIII Skateboarding Test

30 Mar
March 30, 2012  |  5D3, Canon, Canon 5D mkIII

Here’s a really cool video shot on the new Canon 5D mkIII. I’m blown away on how clean the image is from this camera. Compared to the 5D mkII, it’s night and day and it will blow your mind.

Video Details
Everything shot with natural light &
16-35mm f2.8, 15mm Fisheye, 35mm 1.4L
mostly shot at f4(For steadicam reasons) with a max iso of 6400.

by Anthony Pham

SoundWorks Collection: The Sound of The Hunger Games

29 Mar
March 29, 2012  |  Making Of, Sound Design

Besides video and film making obsession, my other obsession is sound design. Soundworks collection is awesome! I love watching these “Making of Videos” of the actual sound design of films. Check out this video on the sound design for the movie “The Hunger Games”. I’ve worked on several movies back in my sound design days, as a sound effects editor and recording engineer, so watching these videos brings back so many great memories. Michael Coleman is a great story teller and filmmaker and I really enjoy watching these making of videos and I hope you do too!

by Michael Coleman

Nikon D800 Sample Footage – RAW Footage and ISO Testing

28 Mar
March 28, 2012  |  D800, New Cameras, Nikkor Lenses, Nikon, Nikon D4

Here’s some cool test videos of the new Nikon D800 shot at ISO 1000. It’s a very nice and clean image.

Details about the video

50mm 1.4, iso 1000, 50/sec, 25 frame.
internal audio
Manfrotto monopod.

Shot wide open with only existing car park lighting.

This is the raw file uploaded direct from the camera.

by mark tierney

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