Halo 4 – Forward Unto Dawn

05 Oct
October 5, 2012  |  Red Epic  |  , ,

If you love playing Halo then you’ll love these new Webisodes. I believe this is one of the best productions I’ve seen, right up there with Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. Watch in full HD. Beautifully shot with the RED Epic in 2K Raw and down converted to 1080p.


In 2525, as mankind has begun to colonise space, a group of cadets are training to fight against human insurrectionists. One of these cadets, Thomas Laskey, has doubts about his abilities as a soldier and his convictions for this war. Whilst he struggles with himself, the planet is invaded by an unknown alien race. Reeling under the assault, Laskey and his squad mates are rescued by John-117, one of the UNSC’s legendary SPARTAN-II super-soldiers. John must inspire Laskey to fulfill his potential as a soldier and a leader to fight against an enemy deadlier than any that humanity has faced before. Written by Marty Goodman

Red Epic, Zeiss and Angenieux Lenses

LightIRON Digital, Los Angeles (CA), USA (digital intermediate)

Film negative format (mm/video inches)
Redcode RAW

Cinematographic process
Digital Intermediate (2K) (master format)
Redcode RAW (source format)

Printed film format
35 mm (anamorphic)

Aspect ratio
2.35 : 1


Director: Stewart Hendler
Writers: Todd Helbing, Aaron Helbing
Stars: Iain Belcher, Jenna Berman and Enisha Brewster | See full cast and crew

Schneider Cine Xenar III Lenses

27 Sep
September 27, 2012  |  Blog  |  ,

If you want to shoot with outstanding optics, check out Schneider Cine Xenar III Lenses. This really cool promo, shot on a RED Epic, shows off how outstanding these lenses are.

Schneider-Kreuznach Cine-Xenar III lenses are the tool for your creativity. The fast T-stop and the robust and reliable construction of the lenses give you all the freedom you need to pursue your ideas.

The Schneider-Kreuznach Cine-Xenar III lens range starts with the focal lengths of:
18mm/T2.2       25mm/T2.2
35mm/T2.1       50mm/T2.0
75mm/T2.0       95mm/T2.0
More lenses with different focal lengths will be added soon.

Schneider-Kreuznach Cine-Xenar III lenses are specifically designed for digital cameras and have some unique features:

  • PL mount for digital and 35mm film cameras
  • Canon EF mount available
  • 31.5mm image circle for coverage of 2K/4K/5K Cinema, and Canon 7D
  • Telecentric optical design for better performance with digital cameras
  • Ultra Close Focus (UCF) down to 25cm/11” from sensor plane
  • Virtually no breathing
  • All lenses are color matched
  • Flare suppression through internal light traps and Schneider-Kreuznach High Performance coating
  • Easily interchangeable calibrated focus scales (feet/meter)
  • 100mm x 0.75 filter thread
  • 104mm outside diameter
  • Low distortion
  • Iris with up to 18 blades for an exceptional bokeh effect
  • Protective lens coating against dust and humidity

The lenses all have the same dimensions, do not change volume during focus, and all focus and iris gears are in the same position. Changing lenses has never been easier: The lens motors can stay in the same position.

The lenses are designed and made in Germany by Schneider-Kreuznach.


Schneider Cine Xenar III lenses are available in PL or Canon EF mount

The New Nikon D600 Full-Frame D-SLR

13 Sep
September 13, 2012  |  Nikon D600  |  , ,

This is impressive. A compact full frame DSLR from Nikon called the D600. I believe this is a great idea since Canon will be coming out with their own compact full frame sensor. I can’t wait to see footage from this camera. I’ll post some of the specs below and keep everyone posted on some upcoming footage.

Pricing and availability:

the D600 will be in stores on September 18 for $2100 ( body) and $2700 (with 24-85 VR lens). The new WU-1b wireless adapter will also ship on September 18 for $60.

Further information go here

Sony A99 Field Test with NEX-VG900 Preview

12 Sep
September 12, 2012  |  Blog  |  , ,

Check out Sony’s new Full Frame DSLR and the preview of the all new Full Frame NEX-VG900. I think Sony is ready to kick some ass here with all of these new cameras out on the market, from Full Frame sensors to APS-S camcorders.

The Sony NEX-VG900 Handycam will drop in late October, priced at $3,299.95 body-only, while the Sony NEX-VG30 will follow in November, priced at $1,799.95 body-only or $2,699.95 paired with the 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 power zoom with optical image stabilization.

Blackmagic Camera Part Deux: BMCC & Workflow

Blackmagic Camera Part Footage – It’s beautiful, but…

12 Sep

So by now, we’ve all seen footage from this camera right? If not,  check out the video I posted from Jon Carr. The footage coming off this camera is outstanding, with 13 stops of latitude shooting in RAW, it sure is a beauty. But, have you seen Philip Bloom’s review? He talks about all the things you need to make this camera even work, SSD drive, rig, etc. I’m not convinced and would never buy into this camera, maybe version 2 will be better.

The issue I have with the Black Magic Camera is that you can’t use CF/SD cards, has a built in battery, uses a terrible lens mount, etc. Yes the footage looks nice, but the $3000 price tag is a false price. You still need a Solid State drive to put something on it, that’s another $300+, plus, it has no way to hold it correctly without using some type of rig or hand grip. Anyhow, the new Canon C100 uses the same sensor as the C300, extremely clean in low light, super sharp cinema look, XLR audio, ND filters. Records to dual SD Cards – can also output uncompressed digital HD to an external recorder

Canon U.S.A. is expanding their Cinema EOS EF Cinema Prime Lenses

31 Aug

Canon USA is expanding their Cinema Prime Lenses, which is super exciting for 4K and 2K video cameras. Canon, as we all know, have built exceptional glass for years, with their L series professional still lenses and now their EF Cinema Prime Lenses. They are coming out with a 14mm T3.1 and a 135mm T2.2. Yes, they are expensive if you are a consumer, but if you shoot for television and cinema, there’s no other lens that competes at the price. I’m positive we will be watching a lot of movies and television shows in the coming months that will utilize Canon EOS Cinema Prime Lenses.

“In November of 2011, Canon pledged to offer high-end professional solutions to filmmakers, cinematographers, and television production professionals. Our pledge included a commitment to this industry and a promise of future product development and solutions to meet industry needs. Today’s announcements prove that we intend to deliver on that pledge,” stated Yuichi Ishizuka, executive vice president and general manager, Imaging Technologies & Communications Group, Canon U.S.A.

The 14mm T3.1 and 135mm T2.2 EF cinema prime lenses are expected to be available in the first half of 2013, and will be showcased from September 6 – 11, 2012 at IBC2012 in Amsterdam.

For more information on Canon’s lineup of EF Cinema Lenses and the full Cinema EOS System, please visit www.usa.canon.com/cinemaeos.

The new Sony NEX-EA50 – A Sony NEX-5 on Steroids?

17 Aug
August 17, 2012  |  Sony NEX-EA50

The new Sony NEX-EA50 – ultimate large sensor supercam? Not bad actually, it’s an NEX-5 sensor, same sensor APS-C, similar size to a Canon 7D. For $4000!

Some details.
The NEX-EA50EH camcorder comes with the newly developed Power Zoom E-mount lens E PZ 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 OSS SELP18200. It features auto focus, continuous variable iris and Optical Steady Shot image stabilisation with Active Mode, making it ideal for shooting moving images. It is electronically controlled by both the zoom rocker lever on the camcorder grip and top handle. Film-makers can achieve a constant zoom speed and smooth, slow zoom, both of which can be difficult to accomplish with manual zoom lenses.

Introducing Knoll Light Factory 3!

07 Aug

Before Optical Flares came out, I always used Knoll Light Factory for my flares because it was so advanced compared to the standard flares that After Effects came with. But now, it seems like Knoll Light Factory created a huge upgrade and made their new product look like Optical Flares. Well, I guess competition is a good thing, check out this demo video to show off some of Knoll Light Factory’s new flares.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera Sample Footage

07 Aug

I think there’s a huge buzz over the Blackmagic Cinema Camera not only for it’s price of $2,999, but also for the high dynamic range it claims to have at over 13 stops. Here’s a sample video from this camera.

I actually really love the look from this camera. The colors are beautiful, and it’s extremely sharp using Canon L glass. I think this camera has huge potential and we are going to start seeing a shift towards this camera for Indie Film makers. I think the tones are natural and really like the soft rolloff in the highs.


Canon 7D DSLR Firmware Update

Canon 7D DSLR Firmware Update

07 Aug
August 7, 2012  |  Canon, Cinema, Cinematography

I used to own a Canon 7D DSLR and it was a great camera, I replaced it with the Canon 5D mkIII because I love the look of the full frame sensor and love the low light capabilities.

For more information, please read the press release for all the changes this new firmware update brings to the Canon 7D.

To download the firmware update, please go here.

Below is the press release that details all the new features.

London, UK, 28 June 2012 – Canon today enhances the EOS 7D with firmware v2, adding a range of new features for enthusiasts looking to push the limits of their photography. Building on the camera’s high speed, advanced handling and creative versatility, the new firmware provides photographers with a host of new benefits including higher maximum RAW burst rate, in-camera editing functions, user-definable Auto ISO and support for Canon’s latest GPS Receiver, GP-E2.

Originally launched in 2009, the EOS 7D was carefully developed based on the feedback from thousands of photographers from across the globe. Offering the perfect combination of outstanding image quality and exceptional versatility across a range of photography styles, even today it is still considered to be one of the best APS-C cameras on the market. When developing the new firmware Canon followed a similar approach, gaining direct user feedback to bring the EOS 7D up to date with enhanced performance and a greater range of shooting capabilities and creative functionality.

Enhanced RAW performance
With an 18 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, Dual “DIGIC 4″ processors and an extended maximum ISO of 12,800, the EOS 7D offers fast, high-quality shooting at speeds of up to 8 frames per second. Thanks to the new firmware which adds powerful memory management algorithms taken from Canon’s flagship EOS-1 series, photographers will now be able to enjoy greater flexibility in continuous shooting, with the maximum RAW buffer now extended to a new high of 25 RAW files or 130 JPEGs. Combining with the camera’s high 18MP resolution and 14-bit image processing, this will allow photographers to capture the decisive moment with rich detailed images.

In-camera image editing and rating
A range of newly-added editing functions also gives photographers more control over how images look, allowing post-production to begin in-camera. Photographers can now process their RAW files and correct artefacts such as peripheral illumination, distortion and chromatic aberration. Additionally, adjustments to white balance, sharpness and Picture Style, as well as a host of other parameters, can now also be made immediately after shooting, with the results saved as new JPEG files. JPEGs can also be instantly resized, without the need for a PC or Mac.

Photographers can now easily filter large volumes of pictures on their way back from a shoot using an image rating facility. Image rating data is stored in each file’s metadata, which can be read by a range of editing applications, including Canon Digital Photo Professional, and other industry software such as Apple Aperture, Adobe Lightroom and Bridge.

Extra control in stills and movies
The EOS 7D’s new firmware provides extended versatility across both stills and movies. Newly-added control of Auto ISO enables photographers to limit the maximum ISO speed to any point within the native ISO 400-6,400 range. Offering greater control over exposure, this will enable photographers to customise the maximum automatic ISO speed to suit their personal preferences, or to adjust parameters in different situations to meet specific creative goals.

Improved audio functionality in movie mode also provides aspiring videographers with greater control while shooting videos. Users can complement the camera’s Full HD (1920x1080p) movie footage with 16-bit digital stereo sound, sampled at broadcastquality 48KHz, and new manual control of audio levels allows users to choose from 64 sound levels. A digital wind-cut filter also reduces noise made by movement of air around the microphone, ensuring sound is clear and free from peripheral interference.

Track your travels with GPS compatibility
Firmware v2 also provides added capacity for users to track the location of their images with new support for the GPS Receiver GP-E2 – Canon’s latest high-performance GPS unit. The GP-E2 is attached securely to the hotshoe, and connected to the camera via a cable, making it easy for EOS 7D photographers to geo-tag photos with longitude, latitude and altitude data as well as the direction in which the shot was taken – adding the information to the EXIF file of the image1. A GPS Logger tracks movements by downloading GPS data at regular intervals, and compatibility with Google Maps means users can easily view their route in Canon’s free Map Utility software.

Firmware v2 will roll out across the region from August 2012.

Canon EOS 7D firmware v2 – new features:

  • Improved maximum burst for RAW images (up to 25)
  • In-camera RAW image editing
  • In-camera Image Rating
  • In-camera JPEG resizing
  • Maximum Auto ISO setting (ISO 400-6400)
  • Manual audio level adjustment in movie recording
  • GPS compatibility
  • File name customisation
  • Time zone settings
  • Faster scrolling of magnified images
  • Quick control screen during playback
Opteka CXS-400 Target Shooter Chest Stabilizer DSLR

Opteka CXS-400 Target Shooter Chest Stabilizer DSLR

06 Aug

Here’s a great little stabilizer by Opteka, and it’s on sale now for $39! Wow, what a great price for this piece of gear that will make your shots stable. Check it out below, on Amazon.

Cinevate – Webinar: Basic Filmmaking Concepts

01 Aug

Here’s a great basic filmmaking video on how to establish some basic filmmaking principles to your movie making. Check it out, and please support Cinevate.

“This live, online webinar series is dedicated to teaching photographers the skills they need to turn their existing photographic knowledge into filmmaking prowess with their HDSLRs. This webinar will deal with understanding basic filmmaking concepts such as establishing shots and the 180-degree rule. For photographers transitioning into video, this must-see webinar will provide a basic understanding of what to look for as you journey down the path of becoming a filmmaker.”

Courtesy of

GoPro WiFi BacPac Available At Filmtools Now!

24 Jul

This is so cool, now you can see what your GOPRO camera is seeing via your iPhone and control up to 50 cameras at a time via a wireless remote. This is so cool, no longer do you need to be worried about not having enough people help you out. This would be very helpful if you are shooting a music video and wanted to capture different types of footage while shooting a drummer.

Here are some spes,

Wi-Fi Remote:

  • Control up to 50 cameras a time, 600’ / 180m range
  • Full camera control: On/Off, Mode, Shutter, and Settings
  • Attachment strap, key ring, and charging cable included
  • Wearable & Waterproof to 10’/3m

GoPro App + Smartphone or Tablet (Coming Soon)

  • Control your GoPro(s) with your smartphone or tablet
  • Live preview & playback of videos & photos from your GoPro(s)
  • Wi-Fi transfer* footage from your GoPro to your smartphone or tablet and share with friends
  • Live stream your smartphone as a hotspot

Live Streaming + Sharing Directly from Your GoPro (Coming Soon)

Live stream video or share photos and videos directly to the web from your GoPro, wherever you have a network connection (coming soon).

According To Coppola, A $700 Video Camera Beats A $65,000 One

According To Coppola, A $700 Video Camera Beats A $65,000 One

17 Jul

Wow! Could this be true? The Panasonic is an awesome camera, but could it beat a Sony F65 or RED Epic?

The showdown was a sequel to the Great Camera Shootout of 2010 and 2011, which focused on raw technical performance of cameras from Canon, Sony, Panasonic, RED, and others. This year, rather than straight pixel-peeping, Zacuto paired each camera with a professional cinematographer and a pre-staged scene.

The contenders included a wide range of cameras, ranging from the $65,000 Sony F65, right down to the iPhone 4. Audiences of filmmakers around the world were shown each camera’s results, the names of each camera remaining a mystery. The most favored machine, to the shock of many, turned out to be the $700 Panasonic GH2micro four-thirds camera.

You can watch Part 2 of Zacuto’s Camera Shootout here

More on

How A Leica M9-P Camera is made – Série Limitée Jean-Louis Dumas

17 Jul
July 17, 2012  |  Documentary

Here’s a great video on how the Leica M9-P camera is made. You want to know why Leica’s cost so much, well, tons of man hours, precise craftsmanship and love is used to create these materpieces.


Canon 5D mkII Price Drop at B and H Photo!

10 Jul
July 10, 2012  |  5D3, Canon, Canon 5D mkII

Check this news out! The Canon 5D Mark II has a new price at B&H. From almost $2200 to now $2079. That’s a steal for one of the best all time DSLRs. I would grab one for B roll as well as photography gigs.

La Luna A Pixar Animated Short

25 Jun
June 25, 2012  |  Animation

Here’s a beautiful animated short by Pixar called, La Luna, such beauty in simplicity.

La Luna (Pixar). First trailer from the new Pixar short animated La Luna, which will be screened from August 17, 2012 before Brave Movie. La Luna (Pixar) The short film is directed by Enrico Casarosa and produced by Kevin Reher. La Luna is the timeless fable of a young boy who is coming of age in the most peculiar of circumstances. La Luna Trailer (Pixar).

Transit Media Radio – An Introduction to the voices behind the radio – A Canon 5D mkIII Production

21 Jun
June 21, 2012  |  5D3, Documentary

Documentary videos are my favorite types of videos. The reason I love them is because they tell a story, someone’s story. When we strip all of the material possessions in life, all we are left is with a story, and I want to tell people’s stories. I believe we all want to make a difference in life, whether it’s by helping others directly or indirectly. We all have passions, loves, and interests that move and motivate us.

Transit Media Radio is an internet radio station that prides themselves in playing music that comes from an alternative point of view. They play Christian music of all types, doesn’t matter what. Rock, Rap, Hip Hop, Reggaeton and much more. Transit Media Radio doesn’t just play music, they also talk about Faith and reach out to thousands of listeners each week.

Twolight Films hooked up with Transit Media Radio and created a piece of documentary video to get to know the guys behind the voice. Freddy and Javo are the friendly voices behind the radio. I wanted people to get to know them and get to know what they wish to accomplish with their radio station. Here’s what we created. I hope you enjoy.

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