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Canon 5D mkIII RAW Sample Footage

So I decided to test out the RAW on the 5D mkIII. I used a ND filter, which made the footage not as sharp as other videos out there. Keep this in mind when shooting with ND. Some filters soften footage. Next time I’m gonna shoot in the late evening...

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Traktor DJ Mobile App by Native Instruments

Check out this awesome mobile DJ app called Traktor DJ. I love Native Instruments for having products that are groundbreaking and easy to use. Check out some of their videos going over the cool things you can do with their app. TRAKTOR DJ is the world’s first professional DJ software...

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Sony F55 & Canon 1DC – 4K side by side

Check out this comparison video between the Canon 1DC and Sony F55. Hands down the winner is the Sony F55, but the 1DC, for the price, is not a bad choice. I really love that Sony is just kicking RED’s ass and that RED is just scared and trying to...

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Fotodiox Lens Mount Adapter, Nikon G, D-Type Lens to Canon EOS camera

If you own a Canon DSLR and either have newer Nikkor lenses, you'll need this adapter. With the new Nikkor lenses, they do not have a manual aperture ring so what this adapter does is to manually overide the iris. It's a nifty little thing, it's not a perfectly smooth...

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James Bond Skyfall Behind the Scenes and interviews

Cinematography Top Director Interview Top Actor Interviews Top The Cars   Top Locations         Top Costume Design   Top Production Design   Top Sound Top Misc Top Trailer

Create a Favicon for Pro Photo Blogs 4 Pro Photo Blogs creating a favicon

I get tons of questions from my photographer friends on how to create a favicon for your ProPhoto Blog and upload it. Where to upload your favicon is kinda hidden on the blog so watch this video tutorial if you are interested. Hope you learn something, enjoy!  

Kessler Crane Products review

If you own Kessler Crane gear you'll know they are one of the best at pretty affordable prices. You can choose smaller sliders like the Philip Bloom edition or the larger more professional sliders or a fully automated timelapse controller for awesome timelapse shots. Outstanding quality and affordable prices, I...

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Sony NEX-EA50 – AbleCine Review

Here's a great review on the new Sony EA50 by AbelCine's Andy. He goes through features and settings on the camera as well as showing some footage. I'll have my own footage from this camera very soon. Stay tuned! Courtesy AbelCineTech

Red Snowy Background Video Loop – Christmas Video Loops

Here's a great clean and ready to use snow background for use with any upcoming winter theme or christmas theme project.   Red Curtain Snow - Buy Now!